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Video clip of Tom & his involvement with Helen & Douglas House

New Video Clip of the how Childish Things began.

Please consider a donation in honor of Tom's niece.

Helen & Douglas House is a registered charity providing respite and end of life care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions, as well as support and friendship for the whole family. The two hospice houses are bright, vibrant and positive places, where the emphasis is on living life to the full, even when that life may be short.

Tom Hollander has lent his support to the excellent work of Helen & Douglas House. It was Tom who set in motion the first ever 'Childish Things' performance for Helen & Douglas House at the Oxford Playhouse in 2004.


Here you will see just how brilliant Tom Hollander is. 

He is fearless in his acting roles, first on the British stage and now on-screen in films and television. He has the unique ability to paint a picture with his voice alone, lending his talents to a variety of audio books, BBC radio plays and voiceovers. But it doesn't stop there:  he is generous in support to many worthwhile charities, giving not just his "name" or his well-known stage talent, but also the same sweat-equity effort as many other athletes, running races to raise funds for the causes he believes in.

After experiencing numerous films, audio books, and a live performance on stage in London, I set out in search of a worthy website about Tom Hollander. A good source of information about his career just didn't seem to exist. It was then that the nagging little graphic designer voice inside my head finally got my full attention. "Make one," it said. Then came the other voice, less easy to ignore: "Make one. I will help!" That voice came from the unrelenting and positive encouragement from my associate and good friend Irene Berry, the clandestine librarian and writer.  From the beginning we knew that Thomagination should be worthy of Tom's talent: a comprehensive, artistic showcase for his work.  We hope you like it.

We strive for accuracy and welcome your comments. Factual corrections and additions are more than welcome; contact me to contribute (but be prepared to provide your sources!).

We respect Tom Hollander's privacy and wish him the very best success with his future projects. Anyone interested in discussing his career with other fans can do so by visiting the links page for additional information.

Check back often as Thomagination will be growing and changing just as Tom's career does. Enjoy your visit!


Deb & Irene

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