Did these projects ever happen? 
These are things we’re not sure about.   Once a thing escapes the rumor phase to the web, it lives on...forever. 
Without some real evidence, we  just can't quite bring our collective selves to put on the site as verified. If you can provide information to verify his involvement in any of the following projects or performances please contact the webmistress on the Welcome page of this site. Thanks!

Mysteries Solved:

Bleak Expectations (2007, August) Tom read for several roles in the pilot.
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Ll_vDUecA

The non-broadcast pilot was actually March 2006... then it was a whole year before the first series. Anthony Head wasn't actually in that pilot - Tom Hollander played Mr Sourquill and Mr Gently Benevolent. Again, it was entirely an availability thing for him not doing the series; again we luckily got the fantastic Mr Head. I think both he and Mr Hollander are superb actors.(Updatde from info found January 2010) Source: http://www.the-medium-is-not-enough.com/radio/

Raj Quartet:  According to one BBC site... As we go to press, they have just finished recording the RAJ QUARTET for Radio 4 starring Geraldine James, Tom Hollander, Phyllida Law and Benedict Cumberbatch which will be transmitted in Spring 2005.” Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/soundstart/rdc.shtml
After having personally listened to this 9 part radio play I can attest that Tom was not in it.

Mysteries Unsolved:

How I Met Your Mother. (American television sitcom.  2006, November)
Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/how-i-met-your-mother/show/swarley/episode/103209;_ylt=As7orLSoa9y1ZpBGkl9OhogbqdEF
His name is there, but he doesn’t appear in the episode, “Swarley” as listed.

The Importance of Being Earnest. (on radio?  date may be prior to 1996)
Source: Government Inspector programme

Too Clever by Half (aka the Diary of a Scoundrel by Alexander Ostrovsky?)
Source: Government Inspector programme

Chichester Cathedral Choir, Chichester Festivities: ([undated])
Source: undated Guardian newspaper article

Warrior. (1989, 8 August to 18 August ?). Chichester Festival; Venue: Minerva.
Source: uncertain at date or writing.  This was one of the Chichester Festival Plays at the Minerva that season.

• Midsummernight’s Dream (November 15 and 15,1984 at Abingdon’s Amey Hall).
Source: Randall, Mac. Exit Music: The Radiohead Story. Omnibus Press, 2004, p. 21. Tom was a classmate of Radiohead member Thom Yorke’s while at Abingdon. The book cites Tom’s review of Yorke’s music (for the play). It it, he notes, “[i]t can’t be very gratifying for the people involved in such a production when so few members of the school community can be bothered to go and see their work.” To have noticed such a thing, was he in the same production?


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