24 Hour Plays
The 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala introduced by Kevin Spacey & hosted by Ronnie Corbett

November 11, 2007
Six plays were performed...An Act of Love was Tom's contribution

An Act of Love

by Aschlin Ditta

Drew - Tom Hollander
Louise - Sharon Small
Catherine - Doon Mackichan
Ben - Obi Abili
Directed by Edward Dick

Thanks to Dotty for the report

"...A couple let themselves into a flat and shout out for the owner who is finishing in the bathroom. Drew is very uneasy about the task ahead - going to the clinic for a wank so that the bathroom dwelling sister of his wife, Louise can have his child by the turkey basting method, thereby negating the need for the intervention of a male partner. After some awkward preamble Louise confides that her sister Catherine is not at all keen on the artificial method of conception so they (the two sisters) have decided it should be done 'naturally'. Drew was not a party to this decision. The banter is sharp and immaculately delivered..." Much More Here

24 Hour party people
The Evening Standard (London)
November 12, 2007

THERE AREN'T many theatres that can rustle up Kevin Spacey as an understudy to step in at the last minute. But that's what happened at the Old Vic when Christian Slater was forced to pull out of last night's 24 Hour Plays celebrity gala owing to a bout of flu. Admittedly, Spacey is in charge of running the Old Vic, and so was already on hand to step into the breach, but he has usually not taken a performing role in the annual fund-raising event, which he introduced from the US in 2003.

The idea is for a cast of top actors to write, rehearse, learn the lines of and perform six short plays in just one day. Rob Brydon, Ronni Ancona, Ralf Little (pictured from left, with Spacey) joined Maureen Lipman, Tom Hollander and 20 other actors to take part in this year's luvvie marathon.

Stage Product Placement: A Chip off the Old Block???
November 16, 2007

“… McCain Oven Chips paid £12,500 as a donation to the 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala at the Old Vic, for which its chips appeared on stage in one of the resulting pieces (Aschlin Ditta’s An Act of Love) and were served at the VIP post-show party (See News, 24 Oct 2007). More here.



All About The Old VIc

Hosted by Ronnie Corbett
Kevin Spacey, Artistic Director

24 Hour Plays participants included:

Moses and Nina Raine
Kwame Kwei-Armah
Samuel West
Ralf Little
Elizabeth McGovern
Josie Rourke

Amy Rosenthal
Stephen Mangan
Juliet Rylance
Donald Sumpter
Gemma Jones
Wilson Milam

Aschlin Ditta
Tom Hollander
Sharon Small
Doon Mackichan
Obi Abili
Edward Dick

Laura Wade
Kevin Spacey
Haydn Gwynne
Katherine Parkinson
Tobias Menzies
Matt WIlde

Simon Vinnicombe
Sharon Maughan
Rob Brydon
Fiona Shaw
Simon Woods
Tim Roseman

Bryony Lavery
Sian Thomas
Natasha Little
Nancy Carroll
Ronnie Ancona
Maureen Lipman
Tamara Harvey





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