A play by William Shakespeare
Declan Donnellan, Director

Cheek by Jowl
World premiere July 11,1991
Redgrave Theatre, Farnham

London run from December 2,1991
32 performances,
Lyric Hammersmith

London run (Rivival)
January 23, 1995 for
23 performances, Albery

World Tour Dates

Corin/Le Beau: Mike Afford
Oliver: Mark Bannister
Silvius: Mark Benton
Audrey: Richard Cant
Jacques/Charles: Joe Dixon
Phebe/Adam: Sam Graham
Jacques du Boys/1st Lord: Richard Henders
The Dukes: David Hobbs
Dennis: Anthony Hunt
Rosalind: Adrian Lester
Touchstone: Peter Needham
Amiens/Hymen: Conrad Nelson
Orlando: Patrick Toomey
Celia: Tom Hollander

Nomimated for Ian Charleson Award

As You Like It


Meeting the boys in lieu; Paul Taylor on Cheek By Jowl's As You Like It at the Lyric, Hammersmith
By Paul Tayor
The Independent (London)
December 6, 1991

"...this As You Like It is remarkable for the comic tact and restraint with which it re-adopts the Elizabethan practice of males playing females. Given that in her mock-wooing scenes with Orlando, Rosalind is a woman pretending to be Ganymede pretending to be Rosalind, to cast a male actor in the role presents the audience with the spectacle of a man playing a woman playing a man playing a woman. You might think that this would cause chronic mental squinting. In fact, the result is funny, touching, and at times frisson-inducing. Lester, who bears a spooky resemblance to Josette Simon, somehow manages to evoke femininity without resorting to any of the cheap mannerisms of female impersonation, and he is nicely contrasted with Tom Hollander's dumpy, cherubic Celia, a picture of pouting, curl-chewing disapproval into which faint elements of a drag act have beguilingly crept."

Arts: As You Like It - Lyric Hammersmith
By Michael Church
The Guardian (London)
December 6, 1991

"Cheek by Jowl have chosen to celebrate their tenth birthday with this pastoral comedy. Their all-male production - they are nothing if not daring - may have its flaws, but as a display of what can be achieved with two planks and a passion, plus a tuba, a trombone, and an assortment of rags, it represents a virtuoso triumph....Tom Hollander...makes an intelligently bewitching Celia, exuding what must surely have been the authentic Elizabethan buzz."

Love divine, all roles excelling
By John Peter
Sunday Times
December 8, 1991
"Cheek by Jowl's new production of As You Like It (Lyric, Hammersmith) is so brilliant, so intelligent, so shot through with warm, generous humour, that it will be a pity if it is remembered simply as an all-male performance.... Most Rosalinds, when they are dressed as Ganymede, tend to become irresistibly feminine. Patrick Toomey remains a young man playing a girl playing a young man. What dominates his performance is not sensuality but deep feeling. Sensuality is not denied, only held in check. Tom Hollander's Celia is a shrewd, humorous girl, capable of being poisonously demure: a performance of impudent and endearing maturity which never mocks the character.




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