A play by Jeremy James Taylor
and David Scott
Directed by Jeremy James Taylor (probably)
Company: The Children’s Music Theatre, now called
National Youth Music Theatre
Performed at
The National Theatre's Cottesloe

Tom Hollander: unknown

(more information forthcoming as
it becomes available)

Captain Stirrick

The tale of a young pick-pocketing entreprenuer of Smithfield who came to a grisly end at the hangman's noose in the year 1807.

Jeremy James Taylor (then Company director) and David Scott used ballads of the era to fashion an opera which was decribed in 1989 as "eschewing naturalism in favour of a more Brechtian mix of word and music."

Notably, this play was the reason for a name change for the then—Children's Music Theatre Company. After a 1985 performance raised concerns about the play's dark subject matter, the company became the National Youth Music Theatre, a name it retains to the present day.

Tom Hollander was a member of the company from 1981-1983.


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