The Judas Kiss


The Judas Kiss at the Playhouse Theatre
By Maxwell Cooter
March 1998

"...But, while it may be Neeson who packs the house, it is Tom Hollander s Bosie who really holds the attention. By turn snivelling, boastful, arrogant, cowardly, greedy and self-serving, he continues to captivate Wilde, whose own generosity and kindness cannot comprehend such baseness of character. Peter Capaldi s Robbie Ross is almost as good. He genuinely loves Wilde but can't resist disowning him. Ross's cowardice is as reprehensible as Bosie's exploitiveness...."
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Neeson's Oscar winner; at last night's first night
By Michael Coveney
The Daily Mail(London)
March 20, 1998

"...Bosie and Oscar, the short and the long of it, are curiously like Laurel and Hardy. Another fine day is followed by another fine mess. Friendship rots away, leaving only penury and wasted love.
It is a wonderful, poignant double act, Hollander blinking shiftily alongside Neeson's quietly roaring lion of a decent man who refuses to confuse life with art. And loses everything for a passion...."
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Neeson riveting in study of Wilde's fall from grace;

By Nicholas De Jongh
The Evening Standard (London)
March 20, 1998

"...Tom Hollander, shimmering with one dimensional crudity - all plaintive petulance and grievance in a nasal whine of a voice - urges Wilde to stay, insisting rent-boys are never believed in court. It's Peter Capaldi's memorably strained Robert Ross who puts the case for leaving while Wilde settles for serene fatalism on the contented grounds that his true love for Bosie has unmade him...."
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A play by David Hare
Richard Eyre, Dir.
Company: Almeida Theatre Co.
Venue: Playhouse Theatre

Oscar Wilde: Liam Neeson
Lord Alfred (Bosie) Douglas: Tom Hollander
Robbie Ross: Peter Capaldi
Phoebe Cane: Stina Nielsen





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