A play by Jean-Paul Sartre
Sam Mendes, Director
Royal Shakespeare Company

Royal Alexander Theatre, Toronto
January 4 - February 16, 1991

Derek Jacobi
Amy: Kate Duchêne
Ian McNeice
Nicholas Farrell
Sarah Woodward
Paul Daintry
Andrea Duncan
Michael Godley
Charlotte Harvey
Tom Hollander
Abigail McKern
Malcol Mudie
Stanley Page
Moark Southworth
Tim Wallers
Terry Whan


Kean, or Disorder and Genius

Please Note:
Mr. Hollander is believed to have taken part in the Toronto performances for Kean. So far, however, published reviews have not verified his involvement by name, although other sources have confirmed he was part of the cast.

If you can provide information to verify his involvement in this performance please contact the webmsitress on the Welcome page of this site. Thanks!

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Cast bio information, Way of the World


Kean cuts like a knife
By Geoff Chapman
The Toronto Star
January 9, 1991

"...The alternate title for Kean, which opened last night at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, is "disorder and genius.

That notion seems to refer to more than just an examination of the flamboyant English actor Edmund Kean, whose cavortings in the early 19th century scandalized and fascinated the theatregoing public and its front-of house aristocrats...

...Ultimately, it is the words that intoxicate. Peppered with wry references and dressing-room observations that would delight any contemporary actor or drama group, they hold sway even as Kean is forced to strip himself of his own delusions of greatness, his passionate self-deceptions..."


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