King Lear


The Arts: Shakespeare in doubt
The Independent, (London)
Feb 8, 2002
by Sally Chatterton

"It's big. It's long. It's about large ideas." The actor Tom Hollander seems to be slightly fazed by his latest project, King Lear..."
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Lear jet; Theatre - Katherine Duncan-Jones on a fast-moving production with a few too many gizmos
New Statesman
February 25, 2002
By Katherine Duncan-Jones
“…Amid the breathless hurtle of Jonathan Kent's fast-moving production, certain details emerge particularly well: the unholy alliance between an icy Cornwall (David Robb) and an oleaginous Edmund (James Frain); the needy dependence of an unusually sensitive Edgar (Tom Hollander) on his bluff father…”

Sins of the father
Sunday Times (London)
February 17, 2002, Sunday
By John Peter

“…This is the most Ibsen-like production of this play I have ever seen. By this I mean that Kent's reading excludes the luxury of warmth. As in Ibsen, there is nobody here who is fully sympathetic, except perhaps Paul Jesson's massive, manly Kent. Even the frank, attractive Edgar (Tom Hollander) seems more than usually gullible, as is his earnest, owlish father, Gloucester (David Ryall), whose loyalty to Lear is a matter of natural human duty rather than courageous generosity….”
At Last Night's First Night
February 13, 2002
By Michael Coveney
“…Best of all, the good and bad sons of Gloucester Edgar, who disguises himself as Poor Tom on the heath, and the bastard Edmund are vividly played by rising stars Tom Hollander and James Frain….”


A play by Shakespeare
Jonathan Kent, Director
Company: The Almeida Theatre Co. Venue: Almeida Theatre
Feb. 12 — April 20, 2002

King Lear: Oliver Ford-Davies 
Earl of Kent: Paul Jesson
Earl of Gloucester: David Ryall
Edmund: James Frain
Goneril: Suzanne Burden
Regan: Lizzy McInnerny
Cordelia: Nancy Carroll
Duke of Albany: Paul Shelley
Duke of Cornwall: David Robb
Duke of Burgundy: Richard Trinder
King of France: Lex Shrapnel
Edgar: Tom Hollander
Fool: Anthony O'Donnell




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