A play by William Shakespeare
Sam Mendes, Director
Company: Chichester Studio Company
Venue: Minerva Studio Theatre
August 30 – September 22, 1989

* Cast
Costard: Tom Hollander
The King of Navarre: Billie Brown
The Princess of France: Kate Duchene

* Wells, S.W., ed.  (2002). Shakespeare Survey.  Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.  44:195.

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Love's Labour's Lost


"Shakespeare's genius splashes in words, in this most dazzling of his early comedies. The King of Navarre and his three lords have sworn to fast, study and exclude women from their lives for three years. That they can fall in love within hours of their oath is surely a warning to us all... A play of elegant wit and bawdy peasant comedy, in which everyone is susceptible to desire, 'Love's Labour's Lost' flies like a kite, carried up in a high wind of games strategems and mock-combat...A dance of words beneath a haze of autumn leaves"
(From the Chichester Festival Brochure, 1989)


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