Chichester's Festival Theatre (Minerva), London
A play by Gillian Plowman
Ian Rickson, Director

Bunny: Jonathon Morris
Oz: Tom Hollander
Robin: Theresa Fresson
Julia: Doon Mackichan

Me and My Friend


Dignity undiminished by distance
By Jeremy Kingston
The Times (Features)
July 8, 1992

"...Gillian Plowman's subtle play, Me and my Friend, is comic, tender and alarming in quick succession. It began its stage life two summers ago at the Soho Poly, a very different theatre from the Minerva in Chichester....Oz (Tom Hollander) once a postman, went to pieces when his mother walked into a Ford Granada, and forgot his way to once familiar roads....There is one moment when Hollander's excellent Oz places a parcel one way on its sheet of brown paper, then another way, and goes back to the first one, not building a big production number out of his second and third thoughts, just making it casually real."


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