Olivier Theatre
Directed by Toby Frow
June 27, 2005

Tom Hollander
Patrick Robinson
Nigel Lindsay
Ian Gelder
Tanya Moodie





A Modest Adjustment

'Free your mind and the economy will follow!'
(G8 Plays 1)
By Dan Rebellato

A heavily-indebted African country has just been storm-tossed on the open seas of International Currency Speculation. They need to restructure their debt before the economy melts down and famine and disease spread across the country. But help is at hand in the form of the World Bank and the IMF who come bearing the gift of a modest proposal for their country's future...
A modern reworking of Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay ‘A Modest Proposal’ which suggests the same thing for Ireland in the mid-eighteen century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Modest_Proposal

The play was given a ‘platform performance’ as part of a short season of plays about international debt and globalization, commissioned by the National Theatre to mark the impending G8 Summit in 2005.

Tom played a character called Swift, the leader of a small team from the World Bank and the IMF who come to visit a heavily-indebted African country to suggest ways they can restructure their ailing economy.




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