A play by RIchard Brinsley Sheridan
Peter Wood, Director
Company: Royal National Theatre
Venue: Olivier Theatre
Opened April 24, 1990

Lady Sneerwell: Jane Asher
Snake: Alan David
Maid to Lady Sneerwell: Tacye Nichols
Joseph Surface: Jeremy Northam
Maria: Sally Cookson
Mrs. Candour: Prunella Scales
Crabtree: John Normington
Sir Benjamin Backbite: Guy Henry
Sir Peter Teazle: John Neville
Rowley: Alfred Lynch
Lady Teazle: Diana Hardcastle
Sir Oliver Surface: Denis Quilley Servant to Sir Oliver: Tom Hollander
Trip: Tom Hollander
Moses: Oscar Quitak
Charles Surface: Richard Bonneville
Careless: Stephen Gray
Sir Toby Bumper: Anthony Renshaw
Officer: Douglas McFerran
Maid to Lady Teazle: Celestine Randall
William, Servant to Joseph: Douglas McFerran
Dancing Master: Anthony Renshaw
Servants: Wilfred Grove, John Holbeck,
Raymond Platt, Pooky Quesnel, Derek Smee

The School for Scandal


Packing a charge in just the right place
By John Peter
The Sunday Times
April 29, 1990

“...The School for Scandal is a classic comedy of exposure, and Wood and Neville pack the charge where it is most needed. There are two nice, short sketches by Oscar Quitak (Moses) and Tom Hollander (Trip), and Denis Quilley gives an expert display of how to act impersonation....”


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