Cambridge Footlights Dramatic Club
Jonathon Myerson, Director
June 7-18, 1988

Mel Giedroyc
Simon Munnery
Tom Hollander
Jon Naismith
Dan Gooch
Sarah Dudman
(written by the above plus Pete Bradshaw, Tim Scott, Nick Golson)

More information when it is available.

Sheep Go Bare [Revue]

Coming when we get them!

"...A week before, I had received a note while backstage at Richmond Theatre, halfway through a performance of the amusingly titled Sheep Go Bare (the 1988 Cambridge Footlights Revue). It was the kind of note young actors want to get from powerful agents. It was scrawled in red ink. It said: ‘You’re great. Call me.’
~Tom Hollander,
A Daunting Experience


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