Chichester Festival Theatre

A play by Oliver Goldsmith
Peter Wood, Director
August 5 - October 12,1992

Hardcastle: Denis Quilley
Mrs. Hardcastle: Jean Boht
Tony Lumpkin: Jonathon Morris
Kate  Hardcastle: Susannah Harker
Marlow: Iain Glen
Hastings: Tom Hollander
Constance: Leonie Mellinger
Thomas: James Ardon
Ralph: Peter Carr
Jeremy: Gary Fairhall
Pimple: Theresa Fresson
Roger: Mark Healy
Diggory: Roy Holder
Sir charles Marlow/ Stingo:
Michael G. Jones
Aminadab: Roland Henry/
Emmanuel Nelson

She Stoops to Conquer or
The Mistakes of the Night


She Stoops to Conquer
By Alastair Macaulay
Financial Times (London, England)
August 14, 1992
“...Chichester's exuberant new staging of She Stoops to Conquer, which opened [this] evening, has shooting, birds falling dead from above, birds exploding in clouds of feathers, a splendidly docile dog and an equally docile ferret. It also has a marvellously robust play, ideal for Chichester, whose audience responded with wave upon wave of laughter and rounds of applause after several strong exit lines....the bright smiles of the nasal Tom Hollander, as [Marlow’s] pal Hastings, are winning in a predictable, Georgette Heyer, manner.”


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