The Almeida Theatre Company
(The Almeida), London
Jonathan Kent, Director
A play by Moliere

Patsy Byrne
Emma Chambers
Derek Crewe
John Franklyn-Robbins
Gabrielle Hamilton
Susannah Harker
Tom Hollander
David Lyon
Ian McDiarmid
Abigail McKern
Bohdan Poraj

Nominated for the 1997 Sunday Times/Royal National Theatre
Ian Charleson Awards
(Tom's second nomination)



The Star-Laden 'Designated Mourner': Dinner Without Donne
By Sheridan Morley
International Herald-Tribune
May 8, 1996

"...This is a wonderfully vital and witty staging of the Richard Wilbur translation of Molière, played at such a breathtaking pace that for much of the evening we could almost be watching a Feydeau farce rather than its 17th-century antecedent. Tom Hollander is a splendidly sinister, manic Tartuffe, the kind of corrupt holy leader who would nowadays, you feel, be leading massed bands of his admirers to group suicide...."
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