A play by William Congreve
Peter Gil, Director
Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London

October 15, 1992

Jeremy Northam
Jonathon Phillips
Juliet Alderdice
Tom Hollander
Crispin Redman
Emma Piper
Eleanor David
Barbara Flynn
Chris Langham
Wendy Nottingham
Sheila Hancock

Ian Charleston Award

The Way of the World


Earnest wit. The Way of the World at the Lyric, Hammersmith
By Carole Woddis
The Herald (Glasgow)
October 22, 1992

"RESTORATION comedy is played, traditionally, for style and has a high form of bitchiness, witticism piled upon witticism. The striking thing about Peter Gill's elegant production is that it plays Congreve not just for epigrammatic dazzle but in deadly earnest....There are ... delights in Gill's production, in Tom Piper's delightful painted wooden backdrops, in Tom Hollander and Crispin Redman's animated pair of foxes, Witwoud and

Congreve's witty play about the ways of wit - Theatre
By Alastair Macaluay
Financial Times (London, England)
October 22, 1992

"...A witty play is a gem, but a witty play about the ways wit works within the world is something far more luminous....As the fop Witwoud... Tom Hollander carries off all his enchantingly silly prattle with an amazing kind of innocence..."

Chita's kiss of life: Theatre
By Kenneth Hurren
Mail on Sunday (London)
October 25, 1992

"...PETER GILL'S production of Congreve's sprightliest comedy is a disappointing affair.

It is pleasantly costumed but otherwise so plainly set that the irony of the contrast between the surface glitter and the squalid, money-grubbing morality of the society port-rayed is lost.
Tom Hollander shines as the foppish Witwoud..."



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