I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the following special people in my life. Without their support and encouragement this site would not have become a reality:

First, to my wonderful husband Don, who has the patience of a saint. He has spent countless hours helping me with the coding and setting up the site. I pretty much just make it look pretty. Not only this but he indulged me with a trip to London to see Tom on stage. I love you Don!

Irene, my friend, "colleague" and super dedicated librarian, who has also spent many hours finding accurate information about Tom's career and accomplishments. She has also brainstormed with me on ideas and formatting and without her this would not have become a reality.

Thank you to my many friends and fellow Tom Hollander admirers on the forum. You know who you are! I love you all. I would also like to thank "Dotty" in London for so graciously sharing her first hand experience in attending the 24 Hour Plays; Nick Reed who has allowed me to view his short film, "Hic; Carlo Draisci for letting me use his image of Tom for the new banner; and Dan Rebellato for providing the missing information about A Modest Adjustment.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Tom for inspiring me, entertaining me with his films and voice and graciously chatting with us after his performance in Landcape with Weapon on June 30, 2007. May his success continue!























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