'It's defiantly, dick-swingingly difficult': Tom Hollander on his West End debut Star of 'Rev' and 'The Night Manager'
Tom Hollander on getting older, Brexiteers and Fabergé eggs
By Andrzej Lukowski, Monday February 13 2017, TimeOut
Tom Hollander: ‘I go to bed in a mood created by the audience the previous night’
The New Review Q&A, Kate Kellaway, The Guardian, 12 Feb 2017
Travesties review—Hollander makes mischief in Stoppard's serious comedy
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 5 October, 2016

"One night in the backwoods"
Tom Hollander, The Spectator, 4 June 2016

‘Wanna come to Prince’s house?’
The untold story of a celebrity encounter
Tom Hollander, The Spectator, 30 April 2016

Tom Hollander on 'The Night Manager', 'Doctor Thorne', heightism and atheism
From a BBC thriller to an ITV period piece, Tom Hollander is taking over Sunday nights. He talks to Gerard Gilbert


Actor Tom Hollander talks unrequited love, the mind-twisting effects of fame - and why he was a 'Marmite' teenager

Hold on, should we actors really be speaking for trans people?
We know about insecurity and fluid identity, it's true. That doesn't mean we should bang on about it on the BBC
Spectator, Tom Hollander, 12 Dec 2015
My moment of mortification with Saint Joan Collins
She was magnificent. Then something terrible happened
Spectator, Tom Hollander 14 February 2015
Tom Hollander Talks BBC America’s A Poet in New York
[Exclusive Interview + Preview]
The summer of love
On Costard the Clown and a half-forgotten showbiz dream
Tom Hollander, Spectator, 12 April 2014
Hunger Magazine: THE INTERVIEW: TOM HOLLANDER,10 April 2014
Rev star Tom Hollander gives chapter and verse on boozing in church, Dylan Thomas, suicide and the 'big society'
Rev's church could have been where Romeo and Juliet died
Shakespeare knew television's fictional St Saviour's as a real church in Shoreditch. Archaeology may reveal that it inspired one of his most famous scenes

Tom Hollander's Rev confessions: The actor reveals the six commandments of making a hit sitcom
How does a sitcom about a hapless vicar battling on the frontline in a gritty inner-city parish become an unexpected, Bafta-winning TV hit?

Rev star Tom Hollander on why he isn't a regular church-goer - and the show's popularity amongst the clergy

Tom Hollander chats to the Post about new series of Rev
SIX weeks before Tom Hollander filmed the third series of Rev, he looked like an altogether different man..By .Nottingham Post, March 22, 2014

BBC's Dylan Thomas season unveiled
"...Tom Hollander on our first meeting and we agreed that we would try and get as close to that Dylan as we could..."
Praise be! Divine comedy The Rev returns
Tom Hollander, the man of God himself, talks about the new series of 'Rev'
Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander on Rev - the sitcom that has them rolling in the pews
With none of the otherworldly airs or whisky-soaked vices of stereotyped TV priests, this thoughtful comedy shows the day-to-day reality of a religious calling: 'It's f***ing hard!'...By David Stubbs, The Guardian, Friday 14 March 2014

Writers of new series of Rev explore tensions in C of E
There was laughter in the pews at a preview of the latest series of Rev, says Madeleine Davies

Rev: Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman return for third series of hit BBC Two comedy
Interviews and synopsis for episodes 1 & 2, BBC Media Centre
A Poet In New York: Tom Hollander
Tom Hollander reflecting after last night’s premiere screening of A Poet In New York. A remarkable BBC2 / BBC1 Wales single drama about the final days of Dylan Thomas before his death in 1953, aged just 39. (Life of Wylie, March 12. 2014)
Hollander Plans Rev Sabbatical
Tom Hollander is hanging up his dog collar and taking a break from hit comedy Rev....
The List: Favourite religious figures of the ‘Rev’ As told to India Ross

Rev, the TV comedy about the trials of an inner-city vicar, returns to the airwaves for a third season later this month. Here, Tom Hollander, the actor who co-created the series and plays the downtrodden Rev Adam Smallbone, reveals some of his favourite religious figures, real and fictional.

'The Voorman Problem' Charts An Unusual Path To The Oscars(video)
The story of how The Voorman Problem got made is almost as inventive as the 10-minute, live-action short film, which is up for an Academy Award. By Connie Guglielmo, Forbes Staff, February 25, 2014
Tom Hollander: This is it for Rev
Tom Hollander has hinted that the forthcoming third series of BBC2's clerical comedy Rev might well be its last, at least for a long while.
Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman's Rev series 3 to tackle gay marriage
New run of comedy will tackle serious issues and see the introduction of Dexter Fletcher and Kayvan Novak when it returns to BBC2 next month
How we met: Ralph Fiennes & Tom Hollander
By ADAM JACQUES, The Independent, Biography Sunday 26 January 2014
Invisible Woman Red Carpet interview (video)
Tom Hollander cast as Dylan Thomas in new drama A Poet In New York
Made by Modern Television for the BBC, to mark the centenary of Dylan Thomas’s birth, the drama will explore how Dylan Thomas, the creator of some of the most memorable lines in the English language, died in a smog-ridden New York on a November day in 1953, aged 39...BBC Media Center, 4 September 2013.
Rev. is a Poignant Portrayal of the Life of the Church
It seems that fictional pastors tend to be cut from one of two molds—often, they are depicted as either narrow-minded zealots ... by guest writer Adam Marshall for Christ & Pop Culture
Rev star: 'Vampire film was my chance to be eaten by Gemma Arterton — how much fun was that?'
Rev star Tom Hollander appeared in the new vampire film Byzantium for the chance to be bitten by former Bond girl Gemma Arterton .Louise Jury, Chief Arts Corresponden,t Evening Standar 30 May 2013.
Tom Hollander disputes Benedict Cumberbatch's theory on British baddies in Hollywood
Benedict Cumberbatch's recent portrayal of villain John Harrison in Star Trek is just one in a long line of British baddies in Hollywood and the Sherlock star recently explained his theory as to why the Americans seem to enjoy casting us as villains… RadioTImes, 30 May 2013
'Rev.' star Tom Hollander loves to 'just pretend'
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Tom Hollander may have spent a lifetime as an actor, but he thinks it's a profession that's harmful to your health...
By LUAINE LEE — McClatchy-Tribune News Service.
Strangers on a train: A fantasy fulfilled on Amtrak
Spectator, 6 October 2012
Tom Hollander Talks Finding Normalcy (and a Sex Life) for a Vicar in 'Rev.' AUGUST 2, 2012 | BY SAM ADAMS
Most widely known as the treacherous trading-company head in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, Tom Hollander plays the tormentor and the put-upon with equal conviction. In the British series "Rev.," whose second season is now rolling out on Hulu and whose third season was just greenlit by BBC2, he performs as the latter as the Reverend Adam Smallbone, the vicar of a run-down, poorly attended church in one of London’s less glamorous quarters.
Tom Hollander Talks BAFTA-Winning Series 'Rev' Coming to Hulu (TVRageExclusive)
Americans might only know him as Cutler Beckett from the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films, but Tom Hollander is, of course, much more than that.
Spectator Life
Tom Hollander tells us his one to watch — folk singer Hannah Peel. June 23, Page 66.
Hay Festival 2012: Tom Hollander on Rev
The BBC comedy Rev has put the urban vicar on the map. Tom Hollander talks to Jasper Rees about a heavenly role... Jasper Rees, The Telegraph, 10 June 2012
My First Job: Tom Hollander
Technically, Tom Hollander’s very first paid job was a one-off acting gig in a Victorian BBC drama when he was only 14 years old. While it was good costume practice for his later roles as Cutler Beckett in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and a hefty sum for a teenager (he was paid 600 British pounds, with which he bought a stereo system), he next acting job wouldn’t come for another 12 years... Wall Street Journal/Arts & Entertainment, May 23, 2012, By Alexandra Cheney
Diary Spectator 5 May
I am extremely lucky and have a charmed life. But this is a hard-luck story. And like much journalistic endeavour, it’s drawn from a wellspring of bitterness and resentment. Recently I was invited to Mustique...
Hollywood star’s homeward cause
CHILDISH Things is now an annual fixture in the Oxford calendar, attracting the biggest showbiz names each year....Bicester Advertiser 14th February 2012
A festive Last Supper with Rev
A continuous stream of chuckles and a warm glow of satisfaction at the end are more than enough. Herald, 21 December 2011
Victory to the Vicar
My prize for the best thing on TV this year goes to the comedy Rev (BBC2, Thursdays). ...17 December 2011 | by: JAMES DELINGPOLE
I can't get out of bed
Tony Soprano, depression and the end of the world by Tom Hollander, 17 December, Spectator
He punches drunks, uses strip-club bouncers as minders, and got high on myrrh in church. The vicar who inspired TV's Rev confesses all
The Rev Paul Turp is posing for our photographs, but he is concerned about the huddle of shady-looking characters lurking behind him on the south steps of his church in East London...

Doubting Thomas finds his calling
PROFILE TOM HOLLANDER The angst-ridden actor drawn to playing failures is being lauded for his role as a vicar in the sitcom Rev. Heavens, even an archbishop is a fan. The Sunday Times (London, England) - Sunday, November 20, 2011
Rev's Tom Hollander on giving the Church a good name
As the new series of the ecclesiastical sitcom begins, we talk to its creator and star...Tom Loxley, 10 November 201,1 Radio Times
"…This is brilliant but subtle stuff for a TV comedy." Express, Sunday November 13,2011 by Martin Townsend
Shelf Life: Tom Hollander
Spectator Book Blog by FLEUR MACDONALD, Thursday, 10th November 2011
Tom Hollander on why Rev is his proudest achievement
For a man pretending to be a vicar, it was high praise indeed. By Nicola Methven, 10 November 2011
Praise the Lord for the return of Rev
Tom Hollander's brilliant vicar and a fine supporting cast return to BBC2 for another series of the excellent comedy
The Rev. Returns (Video Clip)
Tomorrow night the fabulous Tom Hollander (In The Loop), Olivia Colman (Twenty Twelve) and Steve Evets (Looking for Eric) return to BBC Two at 9pm in the new series of Rev.So we cornered Steve, who plays the heavy-drinking, unemployable lost soul Colin, and offered him a packet of crisps in exchange for an interview. And he said yes! But then, they were pretty posh crisps....BBCComedy Blog
theartsdesk Q&A: Actor Tom Hollander
The co-creator and star of Rev on the role of a lifetime. By Jasper Rees, theartsdesk, Sunday, 06 November 2011.
The writer of TV comedy Rev, James Wood, talks about the show which was inspired by his grandfather (and some boozy vicars)
In 2009, I got a call from the actor Tom Hollander with an idea for a TV series about an urban vicar. He had read in a newspaper about ‘the most powerful vicar in Britain’, who had many Tory Shadow Cabinet members attending his West London church... By James Wood, Daily Mail, 5 November 2011
Tom Hollander: confessions of a lazy actor
Tom Hollander's TV comedy Rev was a surprise hit – even the Archbishop of Canterbury is a fan – so why does the actor say he's a 'classic could-do-better person'? As a new series hits our screens, Simon Hattenstone finds out. Guardian.co.uk, Friday 4 November 2011
Divine comedy: Bittersweet vicar sitcom Rev was a surprise hit last year. Can series two match it?
It wasn’t just the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lily Allen who raved about the first series of Rev, the bittersweet sitcom about the life of a vicar in London’s East End. Ralph Fiennes was such a fan he wanted to be a part of the action... By Tim Oglethorpe, Mail Online, 5 November 2011.
Holy spirit: the return of Rev
The success of the BBC comedy Rev took its makers by surprise. Now the trials of the Rev Smallbone and his challenging east London community are back for a second series... By Chloe Fox, 29 October 2011, The Telegraph.
Last week I travelled to New York for an audition. And before you ask, I haven’t heard yet. On the flight I sat next to a retired Hollywood producer from Santa Barbara.... By Tom Hollander, 29 October 2011, The Spectator.
Top gear: Am I famous enough to cadge a free car?
The exciting thing about showbiz is, you never quite know where you are. I thought of a good test some weeks ago. I phoned Denee, my agent’s assistant... By Tom Hollander, 15 OCTOBER 2011, The Spectator.
A higher calling: Hollywood's A-list flocks to join cast of Rev
It was the surprise hit sitcom of last year, awarded a Bafta and praised by figures including the Archbishop of Canterbury. Now the BBC sitcom Rev, about a hapless inner-city vicar, is attracting Hollywood A-listers to the cast for its second series...By Ben Dowell, 10 October, The Independent.
'Self-loathing is self-indulgent. Get a grip'
At 43, and despite gashes and bruises from his current role, Tom Hollander is finally starting to enjoy his career, he tells Andrew Billen
Times, The (London, England) - Saturday, February 5, 2011
Tom Hollander and James Wood visit Westcott House
Actor Tom Hollander and writer James Wood visited Westcott House on 21 January to speak at a session for ordinands about the BBC2 television series Rev. The talk was part of the ‘Life and Service’ course for Lent Term on preaching and communication. Posted 23 January ,LankyAnglican.
Tom Hollander: why he made the headlines in 2010
Tom Hollander's unworldly vicar, star of his 'dramedy' Rev, has become one of TV's most lovable comic character.s By Phil Hogan, The Observer, Sunday 19 December 2010
Tom Hollander: finding my religion
Tom Hollander talks about his new farce, his friend Nick Clegg, and the 'Rev’ who led him to God.

The funny thing about Tom Hollander
“For a long time I fought against comedy,” says Tom Hollander. “I wanted to be a seee-rious aaa-ctor.” —Nick Curtis, This is London, 16 November 2010.
The real-life murder case behind Any Human Heart
In dramatising the shock waves of the Oakes murder as they buffeted the royal couple it was an intense pleasure to see the duke and duchess incarnated by Tom Hollander and Gillian Anderson – with uncanny brilliance – to see displayed on screen what your imagination told you was the truth, or as close to the truth as anyone was likely to get today. —William Boyd, The Guardian, Saturday 13 November 2010
Rev. Raises Roof
"...throughout the day excited whispers began to give rise to rumours, anticipation began to seep from all quarters. in the end, of course, the gossip was true, and not only did Rev's brilliant lead actor (and star of In The Loop and Pirates of the Caribbean among other things) Tom Hollander join Wood for the amazing Big Top Q & A session, but it emerged that the whole Rev team were on site filming some footage which will hopefully (surely?!) appear at some point as part of a second series." 30 Aug 2010
Rev: the vicars' verdict
Tonight it's the last in the series of Rev, the sitcom about an inner-city vicar. Real-life reverends look back at the programme
Rev 'rather good' says Archbishop of Canterbury
Senior church figures flock to praise BBC2 comedy series, which finishes its six-week run tomorrow night
Tom Hollander: Meet the Rev
Tom Hollander's latest role as an inner-city vicar is earning him popular recognition – and the praise of fan Lily Allen. But he's been a hard-working actor ever since his student drama days with Nick Clegg...

Rev on Rev.
I’m thinking of writing a letter. it’s that serious. Ann Robinson watch out. After watching 2 episodes of BBC comedy Rev, it is time to complain. Consistently TV portrays church in a negative way, vicars are idiots, whether effeminate and weedy or sinister and murderous, church is dull and irrelevant… and it is never actually funny. Except Dibley, but that was different. Rev is… painfully funny. FUNNY! Painfully close to the mark...(continued) 7/7/2010 the blog of kevin.
Why I believe in Rev Adam Smallbone
James Cary writes a wonderful review in his blog "Sitcom Geek"
I have to declare an interest here. I'm not involved in the show. But I do go to church. In fact, I'm on my local PCC. I like the Bible and all that...
Rev: a realistic and very funny new comedy from BBC Two
Olly Grant talks to Tom Hollander, who stars as a vicar in Rev – a new BBC comedy that is the antidote to The Vicar of Dibley.
Idea for new church comedy started in a pub
Stories about great ideas and innovations that began life on the back of an envelope are often apocryphal. Kate Whiting, 24 June 2010.
TV Choice Interview
In The Loop and Pirates Of The Caribbean star Tom Hollander’s ‘revving’ up for a new role as an Anglican vicar in his new comedy.
Interview: Tom Hollander
Tom Hollander sings the praises of new 'priest-com' Rev and tells James Rampton why playing a vicar was the answer to his prayers
22 June 2010, By James Rampton
Helen & Douglas House' Childish Things 6 — SOLD OUT!
The first Childish Things was held way back in 2004 and was the brainchild of actor Tom Hollander, whose niece is a visitor to Helen House. (This year's show is 20 March 2010).
TV ratings: Jane Horrocks's Gracie Fields biopic equals BBC4 record
Richard Klein, the BBC4 controller, said: "Two great performances from Jane Horrocks and Tom Hollander in last night's Gracie show yet again that BBC4 is a place which gives real creative space for actors, writers and dramatists."
Why Tom Hollander Keeps Stealing the Show
TOM HOLLANDER is finally hogging the limelight thanks to his leading role in the hilariously caustic British comedy, In The Loop, the sensation of this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
"In The Loop" BBC Breakfast (video)
Armando Iannucci and Tom Hollander talk to BBC Breakfast about In the Loop.
Tom Hollander is interviewed by Andrew Marr (video)
Tom talks about In the Loop and some of his other roles.
Tom Hollander interview: on "In the Loop"
An acclaimed classical actor, Tom Hollander has always wanted to flex his comic muscles.But how would this self-confessed luvvie shape up amid the cut and thrust of Armando Iannucci's political satire In the Loop, a film spin-off of the uncompromising The Thick of It? By Chloe Fox
Hollander finds his Dutch gold
Character actor Tom Hollander has finally scored a lead role with 'In the Loop', alongside The Sopranos' James Gandolfini, he tells Ciaran Carty
Q&A: Valkyrie's Tom Hollander
We spoke to award-winning actor Tom Hollander about his role as a diehard Nazi henchman in the thriller Valkyrie.
Valkyrie – Tom Hollander and Jamie Parker interview
Rob Carnevale talks to Tom Hollander and Jamie Parker about donning German uniforms for Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie – about the World War II plot to kill Hitler – and some of the more odd moments that took place while filming, such as seeing Hitler in the lunch queue and shooting around the paparazzi while there was a bounty on Tom Cruise…(Video Here)
Hollander's Park
Laura Creal talks to local actor Tom Hollander about his long-standing acting career, why he would never exchange west London for the west coast of America, and how trees are occupying his time during some well-deserved time out…
Tom Hollander has ten minutes to seduce us...
Fun interview by Sarah Rampton for the May 1998 issue of Company magazine.
Set visit: 'In The Loop' with Armando Iannucci
‘I feel liberated by being able to improvise, but I feel burdened by the shadow of “The Thick of It”,’ Hollander says, as he sinks into a sofa outside his dressing room. ‘It’s slightly weird coming into a story that’s half been told before...."
BBC Press Release:
Principal photography commences on Armando Iannucci's In The Loop with star ensemble cast

BBC Films, the UK Film Council and Aramid Entertainment announce that principal photography has begun on "In The Loop", Armando Iannucci's razor sharp political comedy....
Let's peek inside Turner's Emmy campaign box
"The Company" — Miniseries. Lead actor: Chris O'Donnell. Supporting actor: Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, Alessandro Nivola, Rory Cochrane, Tom Hollander, Raoul Bova. Supporting actress: Natascha McElhone, Alexandra Maria Lara.
Hugh Bonneville and Tom Hollander on Freezing, fame and friendship
“Yes, but what does it mean?” asks Hugh Bonneville, the star, or rather one star, of a star-filled TV series called "Freezing", about stardom and the desperate things that risen or fallen stars will do to retain or regain it...
Richard & Judy (video)
Tom guests on Richard & Judy, 14 Feb 2008
BBC Breakfast (video)
Tom discusses "Freezing" as well as his role in POTC, and upcoming roles. 20 Feb 2008.
Culture clinic: Tom Hollander
This week, Tom Hollander submits to a little light therapy from Kate Weinberg"...Spend some time with it - just a couple of minutes a day - if you need to de-stress. It's been proven to increase the quality and length of people's lives..."
A Daunting Experience
Tom Hollander’s first meeting with a theatrical agent didn’t turn out quite how he expected...
Glutton for punishment
"...I said, ‘I’m Tom and this is a gourd my mother grew.’ It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous for jumble-sale addicts. But I’ll know better than to bring a gourd this year..."
"...Valkyrie is also proving to be something of a showcase for British character actors, as Cruise has packed the supporting cast with familiar names and faces, mostly portraying German army officers who were co-conspirators in the plot. The cast list reads like a roll-call of veterans of British stage, television and film: as well as Branagh, it features Bill Nighy, David Schofield, Tom Wilkinson, David Bamber, Kenneth Cranham, Kevin McNally, Ian McNeice, Tom Hollander, Jamie Parker and Terence Stamp."
Good lines and great wines
In A Good Year, actor Tom Hollander mistakes a Burgundy for a Bordeaux. But, in real life, such a thing would never happen, writes Jonathan Ray
Gosford Park
Interviewed by Tom Dawson
Great British Hopes
Rising stars in the arts firmament. Interview by Kate Bassett.
In Their Prime Centre Stage
"...Favourite theatre: 'A theatre where we did As You Like It in Brazil. It was an 18th century Spanish building in a forest with no roof. During the garden and forest scenes butterflies flew in and settled on our shoulders.'"
Independent: Tom Hollander: He's too sexy for his size
Sunday, 10 May 1998 Interview by Kira Jolliffe
Telly talk: Let's play I spy!
"…A Cambridge graduate himself, Tom jokes: "That was virtually the last thing I remember before blacking out. Then I laid down in an old room in St John's College and thought how old I'd got. We were pretending to be students and the extras were real students, which was kind of humiliating, as we were having to have rouge put in our cheeks to give us a youthful blush." —Ian Wylie, April 24, 2003, Manchester Evening News.
"I'd rather keep my head clear. I'd rather be the kind of actor who's a craftsmanperson. Like a silversmith calmly tapping away, turning a precious metal into a swan, or making a rather beautiful shoe."
The English Faculty Playing: Tom Hollander reports
‘Oxbridge runs things’, my father would say. I found his complacent endorsement of elitist hierarchy deeply offensive. Until I got in. Then I began to quite like the idea..."
(9 West Road, A Newsletter of the Faculty of English, Vol. 2, 2002, p.7)
Tom Hollander: Shakespeare in doubt
"It's big. It's long. It's about large ideas." The actor Tom Hollander seems to be slightly fazed by his latest project, King Lear... (The Independent, Friday, 8 February 2002)
Made in Essex, Loved in NY
It's touching, it's smart, it's funny and... good grief, it's British. Ryan Gilbey meets the writer-director twosome behind The Lawless Heart, a sparkling, richly plotted comedy
(The Guardian/Observer 16 June 2002)














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