Based on the book by Leon Garfield
Eric Davidson, Director
December, 1981

William: Tom Hollander
John Diamond: Christopher Guard
David Jones: Robert James
Mrs. Jones: Eileen Page
Uncler Turner: Charles Lewsen
Rebecca: Vanessa Paine
SHot-in-the-Head: Damien Nash
Mr. Seed: David Rappaport
Joseph K'Nee: Patrick Troughton
Alfred Diamond: Joseph O'Conor
Jenkins: Paul Mari
Mr. Walker: John Colclough
Liverguts: Steve Fletcher
Narrator: Geoffrey Collins

John Diamond

John Diamond, based on the book by Leon Garfield, was one of Tom Hollander's earliest performances.

Thank you to Dotty for finding the television listing with a picture of a very young Tom!

We will post new information on this rare find as is becomes available. If you have information that you are willing to share please email me from the home page.


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