A Clockwork Orange
Anthony Burgess,
Read by Tom Hollander
Caedmon Audio,
Unabridged, 7 CDs, 8 hours
ISBN 978-0-06-117062-1

Audio Excerpt

A Clockwork Orange


A Nightmarish Look at the Future
Book Nook
By Vick Mickunas
July 6, 2007

“This new audio version is a revelation. Published by Caedmon and read by Tom Hollander, it is a thing of beauty. If you’ll recall, Burgess invented his own bizarre language for his narrator, Alex. Simply brilliant!”
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Publishers Weekly
by Staff 7/30/2007

"...This audiobook gives new life to Burgess's tale of recklessly violent youth, free will and true redemption. While Malcolm McDowell forever infused viewers with the look of Alex in the film, Tom Hollander performs an even more amazing feat. With a smooth, almost lyrical, crisp voice, Hollander delivers Burgess's “nadsat” dialect to readers with such rhythmic cadence that listeners will easily understand the extensive slang used throughout the book ... The final CD features selected readings by Burgess from a previous recorded abridged version. While it's interesting to hear the older and gruffer voice, it does not compare to Hollander's performance...."
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