Conrad's Fate

By Diana Wynne Jones
Read by Tom Hollander
HarperCollins Audiobooks
Abridged, 4 CDs
Approximately 4 hours

Conrad's Fate

From the CD:
"Conrad is young, good at heart, andyet apparently suffering from the effects of such bad karma that there is nothing in his future but terrible things. Unless he can alter his circumstances—well, to be brutally honest, he is DOOMED.

Conrad is sent in disguise to Stallery Mansion, to infiltrate the magical fortress that has power over the whole town of Stallchester, and to discover the identity of the person who is affecting his Fate so badly. His mission is clear—get rid of them! But can any plan really be that simiple and straightforward? Of course it can't! And things start to go even more strangely for Conrad form the moment he meets the boy called Christopher..."


Deb's Review:
This is a very imaginative, fun story and Tom's telling of it makes it more intriguing with his amazing character voices. As usual, he paints a picture with his voice. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Harry Potter-type stories about magic and wild, interesting characters. A fun story to pop in the car CD player for a road trip.
Your humble webmistress

A book review by Elisabeth Carey
"...Conrad would almost rather die than leave school and take a job as a servant at the Stallery—but not quite, and he reluctantly boards the tram, armed only with a false name—Conrad Grant—and wine cork and a spell to summon a Walker and get "what he needs" when he's identified the villain and is ready to do the job. Almost the first person he meets, of course, is Christopher Chant, who's looking for his missing and possibly trapped friend Millie, and has also come to take a job at the Stallery in order to look for. From there things get delightfully strange, as Conrad and Christopher attempt to sort out who's who, and who's putting what over on who, and not get caught or killed in the process. Great fun."






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